Memphis Business Owner Partners with Institute

by | Dec 18, 2018

When Amy Howard was young, she realized that someone’s environment can truly inspire their life. After developing easy-to-use, professional DIY product lines and helping countless people rescue and restore things from the past, Amy wanted to provide women around the world with the same opportunity. A Makers’ Studio is her way of giving back as the guiding light for creative souls who want nothing more than to build a business out of their heart for making.

“I believe one’s giftings and passions are their unique purpose in life,” she says. “After thirty years of being able to craft a life out of what’s in my heart, A Maker’s Studio now gives me the opportunity to help others do the same.”

Although she enjoys her work, Amy decided that she wanted to expand her business to include a philanthropic element.

After learning more the Institute’s mission and goals, as well as getting to know staff members, Amy felt called to engage on a more personal level with the Institute.

Through a long-term profit-share partnership, Amy has committed to support the Institute through her business. Using a consultant-based model, individuals purchase products through Amy and then host individual gatherings at their homes to sell those products. A portion of the proceeds then go to the Institute.

The product line also includes candles. A Maker’s Studio currently employs three human trafficking survivors in making the artisanal candles.

“The more candles we sell, the more women we’ll get,” Howard said in a recent article in the Daily Memphian. “So we had to start somewhere. My goal is to have another building where we have a whole different line of all different kinds of candles of different sizes and shapes and fragrances.”

According to Amy, business is about more than just consumption. By finding a way to give back, she has forged deep connections with both her customers and her community.

Find out more about Amy’s business here and discover ways that you can be involved here.

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