Every Gift – Up To $400,000 – Matched Thanks To Generous Donor!

by | Jan 8, 2017

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA – Today, the Human Trafficking Institute is announcing a $400,000 matching gift opportunity. Thanks to a generous family donation, every gift will be matched, dollar for dollar. By participating, you help double the Institute’s impact in combating trafficking!

When deciding to make this investment in the work of the Human Trafficking Institute, the donor was drawn to the vision and the make-up of the Institute team: “Their background, talents, and humble character combined with their vision to decimate trafficking was a winning combination for our stewardship goals.”

All gifts received through this match will go directly towards the Institute’s Country One project, which is expected to begin in 2017. This match will lay a strong foundation as the transforming work begins.

“We love how the Institute is attacking the problem at the root cause and has devised a long-term strategy to eliminate the problem,” the donor shared. “We admire their courage and dedication to combat trafficking. The ripple effects of how this can change the culture of a country is far reaching.”

With the completion of this matching gift, the Institute will meet its goal of raising enough capital to fund the first year of operations in Country One. It will also bring the Institute closer to its goal of receiving commitments that will fully fund the first three years of operation in Country One.

“The trafficking issue globally is complex, and therefore, it will take a lot of upfront belief and investment in the team assembled,” the donor shared. “While there are so many wonderful nonprofits to give to, we want to encourage joyful giving to the Human Trafficking Institute now because it will set the team up for future success.”

To make your matching gift today, please click here.

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