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Our Model

We partner with countries that are serious about measurably improving human trafficking enforcement, but lack access to the model or the specialized expertise to do so. We implement our model in coordination with our Partner Countries’ governments over an extended period of time until the model is self-sustaining and the justice system is fully equipped to stop traffickers.

Specialized Teams

Tools and Tactics

Embedded Experts

Our Unique

Our approach to combating trafficking fills a gap in the global anti-trafficking response by stopping traffickers in their tracks. When traffickers are unable to continue their illegal operations, they can no longer seek out more vulnerable people to exploit.

As justice systems implement our model, they stop traffickers and move cases through to trial more quickly. This reduces the amount of time a survivor is waiting for justice and waiting to move on to a new life.

Our Annual Impact

Victims Freed Through Law Enforcement

Traffickers Arrested and Charged

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#InContext: Frederick Douglass

#InContext: Frederick Douglass

  “Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never did and it never will.” - Frederick Douglass Letter to Gerrit Smith, 30 March 1849 Frederick Douglass is one of the greatest names in the Abolitionist movement. Born to an enslaved mother and possibly white...

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