Why Trafficking

The Problem

Around the world, an estimated 24.9 million people are victims of sex and labor trafficking. Although human trafficking is illegal in every country, traffickers operate with impunity in places where these laws are not enforced.

The Root Cause

Human trafficking is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is a choice made by traffickers. The core difficulty in combating trafficking is stopping traffickers in their tracks. While other interventions may reduce vulnerability to trafficking, traffickers need to be prevented from causing more harm. When traffickers are cut off from exploiting more people, those potential victims are no longer targets. Ending trafficking around the world may seem like a daunting task, but stopping an individual trafficker is doable.

Each trafficker stopped sends a message to other traffickers that their crime is not worth the risk, initiating a ripple effect of deterrence. We empower justice systems to stop individual traffickers so that other interventions, like poverty alleviation and victim services, can be more effective.

Our Solution

In our Partner Countries, we implement a proven 3-part model designed to decimate trafficking at its source by stopping traffickers and preventing them from exploiting more victims.

Specialized Teams

Targeted Trainings

Embedded Experts

How You Can Help

Everyone can play a role in decimating trafficking! To support our work, become a Justice Partner today. By becoming a monthly donor, you help sustain and grow our efforts to stop human trafficking at its root.