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Seeking Justice for
24.9 Million Victims

Trafficking around the world is growing aggressively with an estimated 24.9 million victims today. Human traffickers make money by coercing victims to engage in commercial sex or forced labor. Although trafficking is illegal in every country, it continues to grow where the laws are not enforced.

Annual net profits from human trafficking exceed those of Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, BP, and Exxon COMBINED! Survivor care is essential, but if criminal justice systems do not prosecute traffickers, they will continue to victimize people without fear of retribution. Trafficking collapses when police and prosecutors are equipped to send traffickers to jail.

Stop trafficking at its source

Each trafficker stopped means future victims don’t have to spend years enduring the trauma of human trafficking and
experiencing the struggle of recovery. That’s why we are dedicating our lives to activating systematic change to stop traffickers.

Drawing on decades of human trafficking enforcement experience, the Human Trafficking Institute works with Partner Countries
to measurably reduce trafficking through:

Specialized Teams

Establishing specialized
teams to enforce
anti-trafficking laws

Targeted Trainings

Creating academies and trainings to train and equip specialized units

Embedded Experts

Embedding experts in prosecution and law
enforcement within the specialized units to work cases in partner criminal justice systems

Leading Research & Advocacy

Generating resources to ensure advancement and empower the next generation of advocates

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