Director of Victim Services Debunks Trafficking Myths in Darling Article

by | Dec 18, 2020

In a December 17 Darling article, Fight the Fallacies: An Anti-Human Trafficking Expert’s Take on QAnon, Marie Martinez Israelite, Director of Victim Services, debunks a few of the most common falsehoods about human trafficking.

Like many others in the anti-trafficking movement, I’m fired up after months of being bombarded with misinformation spread by QAnon about human trafficking. As the Director of Victim Services at The Human Trafficking Institute, I work with our team of criminal justice professionals to create victim-centered, trauma-informed approaches to meet the needs of survivors at all stages of their journeys. As a victim advocate, I’m always encouraged when I see that people want to know and do more about trafficking.

QAnon’s campaign of misinformation is designed to instill fear and divide the American public—not educate and empower people about trafficking. They’ve taken an historically nonpartisan issue and reframed it to pit people against one another, misleading the public about what trafficking is and isn’t.

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