Decimate Trafficking at Its Source by Empowering Justice

The absence of enforcement makes the fear equation simple: traffickers are not afraid, their victims are. We’re building a future where the fear equation is turned upside down: where traffickers are afraid, and their victims are emboldened; where the darkness of human trafficking is receding, and the light of freedom is advancing. We are empowering justice and elevating hope.

Empowering Justice And Elevating Hope for Millions of Victims

Around the world, an estimated 49.6 million people are victims of sex and labor trafficking. Although human trafficking is illegal in every country, traffickers operate with impunity in places where these laws are not enforced.

We believe true justice starts with equipping police and prosecutors with the necessary tools, training, and tactical case support to stop traffickers in their tracks. This strategy results in an exponential increase in traffickers prosecuted, victims freed through law enforcement operations, and suspected traffickers arrested, convicted, and punished.

Our Proven Model

Specialized Teams

We work with our Partner Countries to establish specialized teams of law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and victim assistance coordinators responsible for stopping traffickers and freeing victims.

Targeted Training Approach

Members of the specialized teams receive high-impact training, resources, and tools to equip them with the specialized skills and tactics necessary to stop traffickers and protect victims.

Embedded Experts

In cooperation with our Partner Countries, we place enforcement experts inside prosecutors’ offices and law enforcement departments. Our experts help support prosecutors and investigators as they pursue trafficking cases, from the identification of victims through the end of a trial.

Our Growing Impact in Uganda

Over the past few years, HTI’s dedicated team in Uganda has collaborated tirelessly with local counterparts. This fruitful partnership yielded remarkable results, as evidenced by Uganda’s upgraded ranking in the 2022 Trafficking In Persons (TIP) report published by the United States Department of State.

Notably, Uganda witnessed a staggering 627% surge in the prosecution of traffickers within the last three years. These achievements serve as a testament to the unwavering commitment and impactful efforts of the HTI-Uganda collaboration.

Help Us Expand Our Work
to Empower Justice and Elevate Hope.

Our enforcement model, based on embedded experts who work side by side with government officials, prosecutors, and law enforcement, is working in Uganda. Each trafficker brought to justice elevates hope for both trafficking survivors who are set free and potential victims who see the threat of trafficking reduced.

We need your help right now to continue to scale our efforts in Uganda to impact all areas of the country. Your donation to HTI empowers justice and elevates hope.

Thank you for your generosity and for your partnership with us as we work to decimate human trafficking in Uganda and around the world.