Institute Highlighted in Dallas Morning News Op-Ed

by | Jan 6, 2021

Thomas S. Hibbs, president of The University of Dallas, wrote an Op-Ed for the Dallas Morning News, titled “Winning the human trafficking fight.” In the article, published on January 6, 2021, Hibbs highlights the work of the Institute and CEO Victor Boutros.

Consistent enforcement is not a simple matter. It requires political will and the inculcation of specialized skills for police, prosecutors and judges. HTI provides local law enforcement with a vision for reorganization and sustained training. As new law enforcement protocols are implemented, HTI measures “the increase in the number of investigations, arrests, prosecutions, defendants convicted, and victims freed through law enforcement operations,” according to its website.

During the past year, even in the midst of COVID-19, HTI trained 252 Ugandan prosecutors, across all the districts in Uganda. HTI had a goal of a 70% increase in arrests and in the number of those freed from trafficking. Arrests exceeded 150 and those rescued were more than 130 — 80% of whom were children.

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